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Little Shop is a hidden object game series from GameHouse. GameHouse is known as one of the top developers of free casual games. Megan Fox loves Sally's Spa which is a GameHouse game. Previous hidden object games by GameHouse include the hit Marooned games and the adventure-filled Ancient Secrets. Hidden object games are among the most popular casual games around. In these types of games you must search each scene for objects. The objects are often cleverly hidden in the background. The Little Shop series includes Little Shop World Traveler, Little Shop Memories, Little Shop Road Trip, Little Shop City Lights, Little Shop of Treasures 2, and Little Shop of Treasures.

Little Shop World Traveler is the newest game in the hidden object series. Players travel the world and search for special items. In Little Shop Memories, players recall past memories while searching for hidden objects. In Little Shop Road Trip, players take a trip across the United States searching for cleverly hidden items. In Little Shop City Lights, players search for hidden objects in the big city. In Little Shop of Treasures 2 and Little Shop of Treasures, players run their very own shop, hoping to find the perfect items for their customers.

Each is a fun hidden object game filled with puzzles, creative power-ups and bonus modes. To play a hidden object game, you must find all of the items on a given list. The items are located on the game screen and it's up to you to locate them. Some hidden object games involve puzzles to solve. These puzzles come in all forms. Some puzzles include finding specific items to use, other puzzles have a specific theme, and still other puzzles include classic game types like memory.

Little Shop hidden object games are fun games that keep you entertained. You can play them over and over, each time finding new hidden objects.

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